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What decision will you own?  Will COVID 19 be your comma, or full stop.  A pause in where you are, or the beginning of a new sentence? The COVID-19 virus has left commentators, journalists, scientists and economists lost for superlatives and comparators.  The unparalleled combination of global mobility, information sharing, industrialisation, urbanisation and the most aged population in our history has created confusion, terror and a shortage of toilet rolls. Taking a

I recently spent some time with the Board of a large African retail bank, reflecting on the threat and the opportunity that the so called ‘fintech’ revolution brings. The noise around the likes of Square, Venmo globally, or Zero, Tyme and Yoco locally is strident and ceaseless. It’s a debate that’s gets stylised too quickly and easily between two opposing camps:- the ‘fintech fundies’ who believe traditional banks will simply fail to