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Delivered from the heart. Powered by the experience.

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Delivered from the heart. Powered by the experience.

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The Upside of Being Myself and Other Stories

A deeply personal account of leadership journeys and the development of self that is required to become an authentic impactful leader.

The Art of  Giving the SFW

It has never been more important to know how to land impactful, clear and considerate messages that have the impact that you need. With the incessant clutter and noise of today’s multi-media channels, ever-decreasing attention spans and perceived time, this keynote focuses on exactly what it takes to be able to land your punchlines with impact, effect and clarity. That’s the SFW.

The Past is a Foreign Country

Remember Nokia? Recall Kodak? Want to be the next Blockbuster or Toys R Us? Ian strikes through to the heart of what business and personal relevance is and shows how losing that relevance can be terminal. All is not lost though. In this keynote, Ian will lay out a clear 5-point plan that any business can quickly grasp and execute, that will create a step-change in their ongoing relevance to their customers and open up the concept of Engine 1/Engine 2 thinking.

Organisational Cholesterol:
Silent Killer

Big organisations were once small, agile and nimble. They become slow, cumbersome and tired. What happens, and how can you reverse the onslaught of organisational cholesterol?

Customer Events

Are your customers tired of hearing your voice? Then change the music, change the mood and change the engagement levels. Book Ian now to drive an entirely different level of client engagement and outcome.

Big Stage Gigs

The bigger the stage, the more diverse the audience, the brighter the lights, the happier Ian is on stage. Give him the mic, sit back and enjoy.

Board Strategy

Leveraging over 25 years’ worth of experience, Ian runs deep, thoughtful and tightly structured Board level sessions, designed to ensure that you’ll never think the same way again.